Aug 3, 2012

3 Quick Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Bravery
Don't be afraid to do something bold and creative to make your message stand out from the crowd in the Social Media Space.

  • Consistency
Since your community is always online, remember you need to be monitoring it 24/7, in order to get the results you need.  Creating and Managing an Online Reputation for your brand takes a lot of hard work which needs to be sustained in time.
Take your time to plan your SMM strategy.  Avoid jumping at this without having given it some careful thought. No matter how much fun it may look like, effectiveness depends on this, and on the fact that your efforts need to be constantly focused and targeted towards your campaign's goals.

  • Authenticity
If you want to go online, be as transparent, real and human as possible.
Discover what your story is, and tell it to your online audience, on a friendly tone and with humor.
Humor sells a lot on the Social Media Space.

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