Jun 1, 2009

What does programming mean?

We can define the action of programming or developing as an IT branch which is in charge of the design and writing of instructions for a computer to execute in order to complete an operation or solve a given problem.

A process is a set of instructions that the computer will execute in order to provide a certain result or outcome. A set of processes to perform several related tasks as one single entity is known as a program.

For example, a process could be the one designed to collect the information needed in order to create a new client to whom an invoice should be sent to. A second process, could be the calculation of the VAT for the invoice and a third could be the detailed information needed for each product purchased. As a whole, these processes would make up an invoice program.
What's a programming language?
A programming language is the main tool that a developer has to create a program. A programming language is made up of keywords and symbols that make up a language syntax and a set of rules for the correct use of these. For example, for our blog, we will be discussing C# which is an excellent example of a programming language.
So, a C# program, or application, will be composed by source code with the instructions for the program to perform.

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